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There are many worthy causes identified as possible recipients of funds from OJA, eg Playa Reserva Tortuga, Coral Reef Restoration, Innoceana, Osa Vive, etc. The Community Circle of OJA will review and decide which causes are prioritised, guided by the tenets that they need to have a real local impact on the environment and community.

Ensuring that consistent support is prioritised for charities and that it's not just a 'nice-to-have' afterthought, is an important goal for OJA, so much so that securing funds for charities is built into the operational model. For every enrolment a fixed percentage is set aside for community projects. Furthermore, funds are carefully managed to ensure they scale and can be used for grander community projects and charitable causes.


Running the Academy on the Bitcoin Standard will fundamentally change how regular donations are set aside without compromising business operations.  Bitcoin's price has historically risen by over 200% per year on average. If we are right in our predictions, then those in the Founding Circle will have a unique opportunity to seriously engage in long lasting community projects, financed by leveraging the Bitcoin held at opportune moments.

On top of this, the model that will be applied to each class means that we will be generating funds daily in Bitcoin, that will go directly into a Charity fund, for Founders of OJA  to decide how it is allocated.

In order to get some idea of what are the possibilities of creating a Bitcoin backed charity project, please watch the video below.

He talks specifically about Bitcoin at 9:20.

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