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Core Classes

Two programs are available for students to choose from:


The Core program are for students wanting to a full day of school from 8am to 2pm. During the morning they will study 'core' subjects. In the afternoons and on Friday they can elect up to six different courses to suit their interests.


The Elective program is fully customisable and suitable for students who would like more flexibility.  They may choose any elective with the only limitation being availability*

*Those signed up on packages will be prioritised.  I.e. Core Program students will have first choice of course, followed by students enrolled a bundle of Elective classes. 

Core Classes

Spanish_girls talking.jpeg


Developing fluent and confident conversation by focusing on the spoken word and developing a curiosity for cultures



Celebrating the 

completion of each week with


*Problem solving



Cultivating critical thinking and creative expression through reading, writing and speaking,

Reading a Book


Strengthening math mechanics to solve real world problems.

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Core Classes

Sample Schedules

(Precise timings and courses confirmed based on enrolment)

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Sample Schedules
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