Investing in OJA is a unique opportunity to become a pillar in the local community for the coming years by joining the Founders' Circle.

We are now open for 9 investors to invest 0.5 Bitcoin into the project and commit to 4 years. There are just a few spaces left on the 9. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about investing. 

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The Ojochal Jungle Academy will run entirely on the Bitcoin Standard.

Capitalisation, payments, investments, loans, salaries, will all be processed via Bitcoin. The process will be so seamless, an outside user will not even need to understand how Bitcoin works. Running the learning centre on Bitcoin's Lightning Network will streamline administration and allow resources to flow to other areas, eg community projects.

This is a non-conventional, investment opportunity for those who already own Bitcoin and would like to put it to work in a real community project. It is also a great opportunity for anyone who currently does not own Bitcoin and wishes to get into the space.

We're confident that come 2025, the 0.5 Bitcoin that will be returned to you will be worth significantly more, and you can be happy that you also contributed to a vibrant learning community as well.*

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The Bitcoin Stock to flow model indicates that the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise in relation to the US Dollar. 

Responsibilities of a Founders' Circle

  • Founding members will guide the school on all major decisions, eg key appointments, key investments, charitable donations 

  • Founding members will not be responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. This will be done via full-time staff members

  • Founding members will vote on hiring of senior staff, see Organization Chart. 

  • Each Founder member will get one equal vote. One Founder member per family.

  • The investment period is a minimum of 4 years. After which, you will be returned half a bitcoin. 

  • We hope that different members can bring expertise to different aspects of the business, such as business operations, marketing, technology, construction etc.

  • In 2025 the current Founding Circle will be dissolved and, another investment Circle will be formed.

  • As a current member you will be given priority to reinvest, or leave the project with your initial investment.

* OJA and the investments held will be governed by a legal US business entity. TBC.