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Underlying Beliefs and Principles


TThe goal of OJA Math classes is to prepare students for real-world challenges that involve numbers, money, budgeting, job assessments, and other important life skills. We plan to incorporate applicable and relevant topics into the math fundamentals to keep the students engaged and curious to learn more. Each module will thus not only involve learning basic arithmetic skills, but also will aim to deepen students’ understanding of the integral purpose that math serves in today’s society.

The Approach


Students will be grouped by math level (Basic Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I) based on initial assessments completed at the beginning of the term. They will have a wide range of math exercises and relevant examples to practice and learn from. Students with greater interest or needing more support will be given additional optional assignments. Quizzes and assessments will be used as a way to better understand the students’ level in reference to the general international student population.

Text & materials for learning:

  • Students will be given math activities during class and can additionally purchase recommended math books to further their learning

  • Students in either Pre-Algebra or Algebra I will need a Scientific Calculator

Structure of the module:

  • Introducing a new topic or reinforcing an old topic at the beginning of the lesson

  • Math assignments include: math work problems, relevant math projects, quiz and assessments

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Students are assessed through ongoing math assignments, quizzes and end-of-term projects that demonstrate knowledge of the subject and application to the real-world.

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