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Musical Theatre 

Musical theatre is an integral part of Jungle Academy’s educational program. It promotes free expression and creativity that has clear knock-on effects for all other subjects during the Cycle.


At the Jungle Academy, we write and produce original scripts only.  Themes that are observed during the course of the year are explored and with the creative prowess of the children, scripts, plots and characters emerge. These are then infused with songs and storylines.

Opportunities exist for all students and not just for those who want to be on stage. Students play integral roles in story creation, song selection, set design, stage production, stage management, media production and technical support. 

Adults are also invited to play (a role)!  Like our other projects, our work is a collaboration of talent, expertise, and at times, simply the raw and intuitive will to make amazing things happen!  If you feel called to don a dramatic cape, dive into your playlist, or grace us with your unfettered joy, then join us in making magic!

See our Last Show
"We Will Rock You"

Cycles offering shows for years 2022 & 2023 are as follows:




Cycle 1 : Feb 07 to Mar 01 ~ Magical Jungle Fantasia - Completed.


Cycle 3 : Jun 13 to Aug05 ~ We Will Rock You - Completed.


Cycle 5 : 24th Oct - 16th Dec - How Soon Is Now.

Performances 16/17th December. RSVP seats.



Cycle 7 : Feb 13 to Apr 07  ~ We Will Rock You, with added prequel show.


Cycle 9 : Jun 19 to Aug 11 ~ Show Title TBC.


Cycle 11 : Oct 23 to Dec 15 ~ Show Title TBC.

* How Soon is Now? *
A musical journey of Self-discovery to the soundtrack of the 80s

Show: 16/17th December 2022


** We Will Rock You Revisited **
The prequel.  
More songs and more rocking!

Show: March 2023

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