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A New World

In recent years, Costa Ballena has flourished with more and more families relocating to the area. Costa Ballena also continues to be a popular travel destination with visitors from the US, Canada and Europe. Whether the stay is short-term or permanent, the availability of quality, relevant and reliable educational programs is critical for families.

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Osa Jungle Academy (OJA) was envisioned by a group of local resident parents who are dedicated to creating a long-term platform that meets the diverse needs of our tweens and teens, with a consistent focus on sustainability and community

At the ages of 11 to 12, children go through marked changes in development, physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. This change is reflected in educational systems around the world: in the US children graduate from elementary to Middle School, in the UK from primary to secondary learning, with other countries mirroring similar adjustments.

Our mission is to provide a safe and inviting environment in which children can advance their development, learn to think critically, identify themselves within the world at large and deepen current passions as well as explore curiosities. Parents continue to have an important role in guiding and facilitating ideas that the child may gravitate towards.


Sustainability: Sustainability is reflected in two ways. OJA classes draw from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals thereby encouraging students to take action to protect the planet and learn global citizenship. Additionally, the OJA operational model is self-sustaining and responds easily to a changing world where travel plans may change with little notice.


Community: a permanent and ongoing support for community projects, focusing on environmental awareness as well as sponsoring educational programs for those in need.

OJA is where children can learn from subject matter experts and be inspired by the stories of how individuals have thrived across diverse (not just the mainstream!) careers and what ignites them. OJA is a place where educators and guides can reflect on their journeys, collaborate with like-minded life adventurers and co-create relevant learning experiences for the children that genuinely support them in today's ever changing world.

For more information about our principles and model, please see the below.

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