Choose your program

  • Electives a la carte

    Select whichever elective courses tickle your fancy!
    Valid for 2 months
    • Electives Bundle

      Every month
      Targeted learning to suit student interest
      Valid for 2 months
      • 6 instructional classes weekly
      • Days of the week decided by electives chosen
      • Friday games and community
      • 1pm to 5pm depending on electives chosen
      • Administration Fee: $100
    • Recommended


      Every month
      Full week of learning for students, Mon-Fri
      Valid for 10 months
      • 14 instructional classes with guided study sessions weekly
      • Mon-Thur: 2 cores & 1 elective
      • Friday: 2 electives and games
      • 8am to 2pm daily, or later depending on elective chosen
      • Administration Fee: $300

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    To note

    * Courses will fill on a first come, first served basis *

    * Students enrolling on one of Plans (Core or Elective) will be given priority *

    over those on A La Carte arrangements 

    * There is a one-time Administration Fee each year * 

    Core admin fee: $300 pa, with a discount for the following year of continuous enrolment

    Elective Bundle and Elective a-la-Carte admin fee: $100 per year as a one time non-refundable payment