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There are a number programs are available for students to choose from:


The Full-Time program is for students wanting a full day of school from 8am/8:30am to 2pm (or later depending on extra-curricular activities), 5 days a week. 

The Part-Time program comprises any 3 days of the student's choice.

With the Daily program*, students can select 1 to 2 full days of their choice, subject to class availability. Priority being give to those on Full-Time and Part-Time programs.

Finally, if students would like to join on a completely À la carte* basis they may do so and select individual courses as they desire.

*For this joining on an À la carte or Daily basis, we do encourage students to stay for breaks, lunches or Connection time to help them integrate with other students and make the most of their learning experience at the Jungle Academy.

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