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What will the students experience be like at Jungle Academy?


Most programs will typically run on 8-week cycles.  On occasion, other adhoc courses may be more intensive, involving classes every day for 1 or 2 consecutive weeks.  This flexibility allows for busy residents, or world travellers to easily opt in or out at anytime to fit their unique schedules. Children and parents may choose the classes they wish to attend on à la carte basis. Full-time students will have commitments to attend ‘core’ subjects covering Math, English and Spanish and select other desired subjects throughout the week. Transient families can sign their children up to the variety of classes offering during the week, Monday to Friday. 

We believe the open nature of the elective classes will go a long way in giving our tweens and teens exposure to a broader social network of peers that they innately desire at this age. ​

  • A student's day will vary day-to-day, depending upon the classes they have chosen.

  • Students only attend the classes they sign up for.

  • There maybe occasions where students have free time before another class starts. This will be spent either in self-study or strengthening social interactions with other students 

  • When not attending an instructional class, students will be supervised by Guardians.  

  • Timetables are therefore crafted based on their choices and varies between students.


School Guardians

During the school day, there may be periods where children have not selected an active class. In these 'spaces in between', children may take a quiet break or work in self-study areas. School Guardians will provide supervision and guidance during these times to ensure healthy social interactions and manage safety. The Guardians will be adults who are experienced, interested and trained in being with children of this age and focused on nurturing social and academic wellbeing.

Every Friday afternoon, Jungle Academy will end with a BIG GAMES session, where the students can participate in fun team games. This will be followed by a free community social gathering, where all the students can come together on a voluntary basis and meet other students at the school who may have different timetables from them. This maybe in the form of community disco, performance, show, outdoor hike or trip, movie premiere, beach camp fire or other activity as decided by the students. 

Student Common Room

We are big believers in tweens and teens having a safe and relaxed place where they can express themselves, form bonds and share experiences. Our SurfShack style Common Room is just the place for students to chat and socialize in between classes or assignments. This is a student only space, with an adult Guardian or teacher on hand to make sure behaviors are as agreed.


The SurfShack is equipped with casual sofas, slackfline, punch bag, some small free weights and books. It's a cool place to 'hang.'

Social Events 

It's important for tweens and teens to be able to socialise outside of the class setting. For this reason every week we organize some kind of student social event. This ranges from a disco, a beach BBQ and bonfire or movie night. 

Is there any certification or affiliation built into the program? 

When the school launches in Feb 2022, there will be no accreditation or certification programs associated with the school. However, the flexible and open nature of the model allows for families to use work created in OJA  for any accreditation programs they are currently signed up for.  


Also, Jungle Academy is founded on the belief that the educational roads our children will travel along will be nothing like the ones we have taken. We believe in a decentralised future, where the traditional powerhouses of education will be decentralised and dispersed.  Where quality college education resources will be free and available to all, regardless of grades, certificates and financial status. A world where the same resources taught at Oxford, Cambridge, MIT or Harvard will be open to all across the world, at no cost. 


Therefore, Jungle Academy is driven to provide non-traditional educational programs that will equip our children to thrive in a decentralised, new world. 


We are greatly inspired by inspirational new learning programs like Saylor Academy and believe this open source way of learning is the future our children will inherit.

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