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Thank you for considering becoming an Educator at Jungle Academy. This page is designed to answer any questions you may have. 

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One of Jungle Academy's Classrooms

Why teach at Osa Jungle Academy?

Osa Jungle Academy is for innovators, creators, travellers and people who have a desire to share their life experiences, knowledge and skills. The goal is deliver exceptional learning of both academics and vocational skills to children in unique ways.  It is a non-traditional learning approach and to teach with us means you have a burning passion to share your life experiences, wisdom and skills and a love of working with children. To teach with us means you want to help cultivate the next generation of critical thinkers, so they can contribute to the betterment of our world. 

Where is Osa Jungle Academy?

Osa Jungle Academy is situated in the heart of the Jungle in a beautiful village on the south eastern, Pacific side of Costa Rica. We teach in stunning, outdoor classrooms that are bright and airy. The Osa campus is within walking distance of shops and restaurants and beaches where there are nesting turtles.

Who can teach at Jungle Academy?

At Osa Jungle Academy we seek to bring together collaborative and creative educators who have a passion for sharing their knowledge and skills. You do not need to have traditional teaching qualifications to contribute to the vision. Instead we seek talented individuals who have the drive and energy to share knowledge and experiences in delivering a content rich classes that tweens and teens will love attending and learn a lot from. 

What is the time commitment?

Most courses run on 8 week cycles and educators can decide if classes will run once or twice a week to reach desired learning outcomes.  At the end of each course educators can decide if they wish to continue with a repeat class for students who were not able to attend the first run, or deliver an ‘advanced’ class to deepen learning. Alternatively educators may take a break for personal time, travel, other projects, etc, and then return at the beginning of the next 8-week cycle to deliver new or repeat classes. 


Shorter courses of 4 weeks run at the end of each term. If you are interested in becoming an educator of core classes on a longer term basis we can discuss this also.

What are the term dates for 2022?

Please see the Jungle Academy calendar here.

What is the pay like?

We offer a competitive pay scale for educators, which increases based on the number of students enrolled.

Do I get paid for preparation and creating of the course?

No. Jungle Academy's not-for-profit, collaborative model has been specifically created to maximize the hourly fee that educators receive so preparation time is rolled into this. The time that you invest in preparation will determine the success of the course, which will impact the number of students enrolling and re-enrolling and as a result directly determine the reward you receive as pay increases based on the number of students enrolled.

If I create a course, who owns the course once I've finished delivering it?

You own all the content you create at at Jungle Academy.. You are free to teach it somewhere else or teach it again at Jungle Academy with refinements or as an 'advanced' course.

If I'm not ready to teach (yet!) but want to be a part of the team what is available?

You can join us as a guardian (paid position) and provide support during non-instructional periods. Or get to know the teaching team and brain-storm ideas together while you grow your comfort level in teaching. As long as you love working with children, we can explore what is possible!


I’m not currently based in Costa Rica.  What assistance is there to help with my transition?

We aim to support our educators as much as possible. Our mission is to enable exceptional education and looking after our educators is key to that!  Please outline any concerns and needs in the application form or share with us at the first interview and we’d be happy to talk through options.

Applying & Interviewing

To apply for teaching positions:

1. Complete the online application form.  Please take your time with the questions as they ask for some reflection. It is important to us that we 'see' you fully and understand your aspirations.

2. Email your resume to  

You may share a cover letter too if you wish.

3. Attend a first interview virtually or in person, so we can learn about you and you about us.

4. Once there is alignment, you will be asked to complete an outline of your suggested teaching topic.


5. A second interview will finalise both the course and personal arrangements and you will be invited to join the Educator Hub where our educators share ideas and co-create together. 

We look forward to connecting!

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